Appropriate dating age equation sex dating in erie kansas

I found an interesting article that proposes a math equation for suggesting the age of people you should be willing to date.

I really liked this idea although as the person’s age increases, the less correct this equation seems.

TIL on a trip to China, Prince Philip joked to students that "if you stay here much longer, you'll go slit-eyed".

After initial concerns of offence, it was revealed that Chinese authorities were unconcerned.

They explained that travelling Chinese students were likewise warned not to go "round-eyed".

The new equation (created using excel) is: Lower Limit =IF(YOUR_AGE – SUM((YOUR_AGE/2) 7) 20, YOUR_AGE 20, (YOUR_AGE-7)*2) For the lower limit, I’m checking if the lower range is more than 20 years younger than YOUR_AGE and if it is I’m capping it at 20 years younger. Here’s what my initial results look like: This is just one section of the entire results and you can download the entire excel sheet here.Well, thankfully some do, and I’m going to marry her, but for the most part there’s the whole “You’re old enough to be my Dad” kinda thing going on.Then there’s the whole “He’s having a mid-life crisis” thing going on, complete with sports car, mustache and bachelor pad on the beach with hot tub. As a man, you must know that the time has come for you to grow up and date women closer to your own age.While most of you haven’t done any math since high school Algebra (which we are beginning to learn officially what most high school Freshmen know innately) there is some math that you need to do when you are out dating and looking for love. I first found out about the Creep Number years ago, when I was still very active on, but was feeling very, very invisible to the women who were out there.I was in my 40’s and I was getting lots of winks and messages from women in their 40’s.Instead, communication comes via the mind's eye: visual hallucinations of moving lips, or disembodied hands and arms making sign language movements.

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