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Suzy Menkes Indefatigable scribe who is enjoying a new digital lease of life after quitting inky newspapers to be Vogue’s online fashion critic, writing for all its international websites.Spent a quarter of a century at the New York Times’s International Herald Tribune.

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On the other side of the debate are scholars such as danah boyd and Bernie Hogan and sites such as 4chan and Reddit that view anonymity and pseudonymity as important to how people construct identity online.

Discover Children’s Story Centre’s 10th birthday Discover Children’s Story Centre has invited theatre makers, visual artists, musicians and spoken word artists to take over the building in Stratford East London with new and exciting experiences for families.

The charity is planning a week of activities starting this weekend.

Introduction The debate between people who embrace what has been called the “real name” Internet and those who see the value in the flexible identities of pseudonymity and anonymity has come to a head.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the current face of the “real-name” movement.

On Friday she was at the Orange Aero Club's screening of Motorkite Dreaming, the Corner Store Gallery's 8x10 Exhibition, the pre-wedding dinner for Katie Houghton and Clinton Neville, St Mary's Catholic Primary School's funny glasses fundraiser for the Fred Hollows Foundation, the Orange High School athletics carnival and the lady tradies day at the Women's Shed.

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