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You'll want to see if it's going to be cold in the morning when you wake up or really hot in the afternoon so you can dress appropriately for your day.You may find one of these apps suitable by itself, or you can try combining a couple of them to get the most information. The daily information is excellent in this app because it includes what the temperature feels like, the humidity, and UV index.After running a force stop on Touchwiz, my widget once again started responding to input AND updating. To get below: After killing Touch Wiz and then the system firing it back off, the widgets started to work again. After finding that the issue above keeps happening with all weather widgets I placed on home screen, I tried three of the big launcher replacements (Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex).I am not sure as of yet whether or not this is something an update from ATT/Samsung will fix, or if the app writers need to update code for the SGS4. NONE of the 3rd party launchers have this issue and widgets update perfectly.

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Tweets, videos, and first-hand encounters are also included if you just can't get enough info about the weather.But they forget that the Apple Watch is just a humble assistant of your i Phone, hence, you should first take care of your i Phone and not the Watch.What your Watch shows is just a reflection of i Phone.We have got something for people, who have been facing issues regarding weather app on their Apple Watches.Many users experienced that tapping the watch face doesn't give any better results in the situation mentioned above.Weather reports are essential in a country like USA, where weather changes frequently.

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