Advice on dating lawyers

I want to tell you what you will face because, in part, no one ever told me.

My first year as a junior associate was miserable, not only because of the stress inherent to the experience, which I truly didn't mind, but also because of the uncertainty that came with a nearly complete lack of guidance, which I did.

If you want a guy taller than you, someone University educated or someone from a big family stick to those requirements. However, knowing what you want also means knowing who you are.

Dating and relationship expert April Beyer, CEO of Beyer and Company matchmaking firm, advises women to figure out "what you truly need to be happy and what your personal boundaries are.

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The good news is changing your approach and attitude could turn out to have more benefits than just meeting Mr. Know what you want There's no need to keep a list as long as your arm by the bedside table but there are always a few factors which are nonnegotiable for most women.

How can you be charged a week later for a crime that you were never written a ticket or taken to jail on the day the day of the incident?

There is NO legal requirement that you get a ticket for a criminal action …

Can an insurance company rightfully go back on their settlement decision even after I recieved the check and they confirmed the conclusion?

*Anything* the other driver's insurance pays you unless you sued their driver and won …

Editors are captives to the tempo of similar clocks, while accountants count to the rhythm of snootier brethren, calendars, to meet periodic deadlines, which only serve to focus the energies of workaholic executives, who take their frustrations out on overworked, underappreciated, and unrealistically deadlined engineers. Worse because the King can be--and often is--both demanding and unforgiving.

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