Accommodating science


The present articles summarises sections of that paper.

Explaining and addressing the poor performance of Indigenous students The academic performance of Indigenous students in the Torres Strait and Cape District is amongst the lowest nationally, according to a report that analysed 2008 NAPLAN data (Masters 2009).

Until a few weeks ago, I would have said the most important thing about the word accommodate is that it has two “c’s” and two “m’s.” It’s one of those words an editor reflexively checks for spelling whenever it appears, even in other people’s publications.

But then came the incident in which police officers dragged an airline passenger off a plane in Chicago after he declined to deplane “voluntarily” with three others to make room for four airline employees en route to their next assignment.

The author takes two Year 9 science classes, composed entirely of Torres Strait Islander students, at a school in Far North Queensland.Dao’s “re-accommodation” turned out to be in a Chicago hospital.But accommodate ought to suggest things that “properly fit together,” as John Kelly noted on the Mashed Radish etymology blog.A few months ago, I shared information about a transformative new strategic direction designed to enhance the College’s affordability and distinctiveness by increasing the size of both the student body and faculty over the next six to eight years.In order to accommodate this planned growth, we will need to make the most efficient use of our existing campus infrastructure as well as add some new facilities.This plan was thrown off track when she realized there was another subject she loved – neuroscience.

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