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Sexual assault is the act of forcing, enticing, intimidating, or coercing another person to engage in a sexual activity, from fondling to coitus, when the other person is unwilling or unable (as is the case of one who is underage, drugged, or unconscious).

Imagine yourself as a child, seeing the world through a child’s eyes, and then being introduced to a violent act—an act that serves to not only damage one’s physical body and mental/cognitive mind-set, but also disrupt one’s spiritual being.

I didn’t like being shamed in front of the entire class.

I didn’t like the disapproval that was communicated to me.

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Unfortunately, for many the damage is such that many are unaware of how it has skewed their way of looking at the world.

This sometimes is displayed in the relationships subsequent to the sexual assault.

Yet the resilience I’ve witnessed from many who choose to live their lives after the violence is remarkable.

This is a culture unto itself that in many ways is fighting against or cleaning up the mess left by other communities within the greater pit bull culture.

On the one hand, some people might be drawn to this breed in the hope of exploiting and perpetuating its vicious reputation.

In my work with adult survivors of sexual assault, I am beginning to notice a pattern of behavior that I have termed “wounded attachment.” The impact of childhood sexual assault has reverberating effects on almost every facet of survivors’ livelihood, from relationships with family, friends, partners, spouses, and children to their jobs, finances, faith, etc.

It is as if sexual assault redefines one’s pattern of and trajectory in life.

Far too often, survivors believe that once the assault ends, it is done and they don’t need to talk about it.

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