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We believe that mobile phones, and especially mobile messaging applications, provide the perfect channel to increase access to financial services and also deliver financial coaching and guidance.

Coupled with the ability to understand ‘natural language,’ mobile messaging applications can allow everyone in the world to have their own personal financial coach in their pocket.

ALICE has already influenced some events in the real world by telling lies and spreading gossip.

ALICE is written in a new language called AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), under development so that ALICE can be modified for the "personalities" of other people besides its present author.

team as part of my application for a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A cyranoid is a person who speaks the words of another person. The researcher then reads this response into a microphone, and the shadower listens to the response via a hidden earpiece. As Corti and Gillespie put it, echoborgs So the authors conducted a study in which 41 adult volunteers met and conversed with a stranger.As such, it is fascinating to play, then to play it again later and see how it does. Although Abby doesn't claim to be a psychologist, it is fun to chat with her.At times she can be insightful and at other times a little stupid. Ask it a question and hopefully you'll be pointed in the right direction.As I get out of bed I ask Alexa what time it is, what’s on the news and what the weather will be like. I have speakers installed in the shower and they start airing Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” morning show.I ask about my stocks and how they’re performing this morning.In the not-too-distant future, these financial coaches will not only have a full picture of an individual’s financial situation, but will be able to proactively provide tips and manage their financial services and accounts.

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